Mechanical Rock Ladies

My story

My experience has been like that of so many women in the tech industry. At university, I could count the number of women on my course on one hand. At my first job I was the only female on a team of twelve developers. When I joined Mechanical Rock I was employee number fifteen and again I was the only woman. I thought this was normal.

Over the past 2 and a half years I have seen Mechanical Rock grow both in size and diversity. We have hired some amazingly talented women and I have loved seeing how the company has evolved as each of these ladies have brought something so new and wonderful to our team. In fact, my current project is majority female and I love that I get to pair with other talented female developers every day.

I can honestly say that it makes a difference, and it has made Mechanical Rock an even more amazing place to work.

WiTWA[+]  nominations at Mechanical Rock

Here at Mechanical Rock we are lucky to have such a talented and diverse team of ladies. We want everyone to know what we already know - and that is that the women of Mech Rock absolutely ROCK!.

This year we are proud to announce that: Natalie Laing, Zainab Maleki, Shermayne Lee, Sarah Wright, Nadia Reyhani, Tania Miller-Jones and Karen Cheng are all nominated for the WiTWA awards on the 30th October. We wish all the amazing women in tech good luck. If you can see her, you can be her, so… let’s see ‘her’!

Voting is now open. If you have worked with any of us in the past, please feel free to vote for the Mechanical Rock ladies here