On the 4th of August I had the great privilege to talk at DDD Perth, however, I foolishly submitted the talk for a 20 minute slot, rather than the 45 minute track. As a result, we didn’t have a lot of time to go through the content in more detail. This is my attempt to provide more information related to the talk. Come to our office Mech Rock HQ Suite 2, 51 King Street, Perth WA 6000 for a quick chat and a game of table tennis if you really want to get indepth .

I divided the sections into lists of technology/concepts, and each of them contains links to an introduction article, video or framework that you can use to make your life easier.

Service Workers

Service Workers Patterns Service Workers API

Webpack plugin to generate Service Workers

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

How do you use AMP in PWA

AMP’s evolution beyond web pages Build e-commerce sites for the modern web with AMP, PWA, and more

Background Sync

Introduction to Background Sync API Building Offline Wikipedia with Background Sync

Push API

Web Push Fundamentals Web Push API

Simply Web Push with web-push

Local Storage

Redux Offline Architecture Creating Offline First Application

redux-offline redux-persist local-forage


Serverless-Side Rendering With AWS Lambda & NuxtJS SSR vs. pre-rendering

Prerender SPA Plugin

WebAuthn API

WebAuthn Protocol

What is WebAuthn? Enabling Strong Authentication with WebAuthn

Web Assembly, Web Workers & Browser Rendering

Shared Memory in Javascript Why Shared Array Buffer How Browser renders your web application Introduction to Web Assembly Future of WebAssembly

What WebAssembly means for React

Cloud Native & Serverless

Coming soon …