Donut was an idea born at MagenTys with the intention of making test results from Cucumber more visual and accessible to software development teams. Since its initial commit over a year or so ago it has grown to a rich report which now supports unit, integration and acceptance tests. It also has a number of adaptors and related projects which make it easier to integrate with various test runners and CI tools.

Since inception, the number of contributors has grown and the product roadmap has become clearer. In that time, Mechanical Rock was also born. As both MagenTys and Mechanical Rock are part of the core contributor team and the Donut ecosystem of related projects has grown, it made sense to move it to its own GitHub Organization, similar to how LocalStack has moved from the Atlassian repo to a LocalStack owned one.

The new GitHub Organization is named Donut Report and all the projects there (including Donut) can be cloned and contributed to in that space. As Donut now supports JUnit XML and NUnit XML, pretty much any test runner out there can produce the output necessary to produce a Donut report.

If you are a current user of Donut, you may need to make a few small changes to get the latest versions. See the steps below:


If you’re using it as a dependency:


Please note the new groupId is report.donut. You can still continue using the older versions with io.magentys. More artifacts can be found at Maven.

You may be interested in the process to migrate to a new organisation on Github. It involved the following steps:

1. Transfer of all Donut related repositories to a new organisation
2. Creation of a new groupId 'report.donut' on maven central
3. Refactor of all relevant repositories to be consistent with the new groupId
4. Deployment of all relevant artifacts to the new group
5. Notify all stakeholders and users (this message)

The transfer of all donut related repositories was straightforward. Someone with admin rights on the old repo and the new organisation could do this.

For creation of the new groupId, we had to raise a ticket with Sonatype OSSRH team, and we had to assure them that we own the domain. The new group was created in about a day.

Refactoring the code accounted for the bulk of the effort. It involved refactoring the package name being used by all repositories. The readme files had to be updated with correct instructions and branding. The POM xmls had to be updated and we also ensured that all the tests were still passing throughout this exercise. Deployment to Maven central was seamless. Beyond the changes mentioned above, it was just a matter of running the same deployment commands as before.

For more details about Donut & related plugins, you can go to Donut Report. If there are any questions, issues, feature requests please feel free to raise an issue on the respective repository.

Happy Donuts!